Venue decided and Registration completed.

We’ve been tackling with proposals and synopsises to hand in for the last one month or so.

Those are for Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which we will again participate this summer and also the project in the next year.

Finally, on the other  day, our venue for Edinburgh Fringe was fixed after some negotiations. Moving from the church last year, the venue for this year is one located in a hotel run by theSpaceUK, which is one of the biggest theatre group.


theSpace is quite a big group running 9 theatres in Edinburgh and each theatre has several venues. Many of award-winners had their shows in theSpace last year, which proves this group does have a big name in the Fringe. We are honoured to have an opportunity to present our work at such a great venue.

In addtion, we registered 14 stages-run this year, which is twice numbered of 7 stages last year. Needless to say, we have to sell our show in Edinburgh, where we do not have many acquaintances or friends. I have to be tough both mentally and physically… All I have is our piece. It is hard but an interesting piece will be evaluated as it is regardless of its nationality or background, which pulls us to participate the Fringe.

The piece MY COMPLEX will bring this year is “complex”.

It’s a story about a man whose 38 years of life is exposed by 50 minutes long video interview.

 Please visit the Fringe official site, where our “complex”‘s page will be launched shortly.


For now, we’re going to have a short visit to New York to soak ourselves into theatre.

We will visit and study some theatres on Broadway and Off Broadway for our future project.

Let me share about the days in NY on the next…