This is my job



Started working on the plot and project proposal in this January,

Received the offer from the venue in March,

Started writing the script in May and had it translated into English to rehearse.

There is no big difference from what I used to do for the works in Japan for 10 years or so.

The creation process itself is the same wherever you present it.

Yet, I have to say it is totally different this time.

I’ve never written a play for myself as much as I did this time.

It has been just painful to write something whatever it is. I always tell myself, “This is the last. I will never write again.” but I now find myself have produced around 30 plays.

Having said that, the pains I mentioned came from the external issues, not about drama itself. I couldn’t have any space to consider “what is the drama?”, “what is a play?”, “what is an actor?” or those kind of questions.

That maybe because I’m not that flexible, but I do now feel all I could do was “creating a work (writing a play)” as one of the tasks I have to clear without any belief or ambition.

The last rehearsal in Japan.

Having experiences a plenty of pains, I’m now ready for Edinburgh.