The second year (English)

1 year passed since we formed MY COMPLEX.

I decided to have my own drama unit since I found myself having had the clear vision as “an artist in drama” after the 1st participation in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last August. So many things have happened through the year.

Just after the return from Edinburgh, we were invited to Taiwan. For 2 months from last November, I made guest appearance on touring in 3 cities in Taiwan.

The year of 2015 started with the performance in Tokyo, then in March, we visited New York.

Again, we started preparing for the project in the Edinburgh Fringe. In August, the 2nd trial in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe ended successfully and fruitfully.

I’ve never imagined I can spend such a fulfilled year on our 1st year when we decided to focus on activities on abroad.

I am sure I’ve gained much wider vision and various experiences ever compared with the days I was based in Japan.



Now in the 2nd year…

Some projects have already been kicked off. Although any of those are new trials for us, with the feelings of motivation and expectation, I do believe those will affect on our future activities in positive ways.

Also I will grow the seeds we’ve planted during our 1st year in the world.

From Japan to the World. To express the essences of Japan perceived by the World, in “MY COMPLEX”-way.

Having started our brand-new year, please allow us to ask your continuous and warm supports.