Step by step

We are spending every day with the creation of “complex” for Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015.

As mentioned on our facebook page, we launched the crowdfunding project. This year, we are starting the projects on the platforms not only in Japan, but in the UK and the US.

WeFund“, which is the biggest crowdfunding platform in the UK, has aready had our project and actually ours are featured at the top page! We are kicking off at “MotionGallery” (to be launched at 4th May) like last year. Followed by that, the project on “INDIEGOGO“, which is very majour in the US, will start. All the crowdfunding projects are really crucial for us to bring our new story “complex” to Edinburgh. Please let us ask you to take a look and hopefully support us.


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Alonside, we had a meeting on our new project after Edinburgh and visited 3 venues for our new story to be presented next year. Both are our first trials, which makes us excited and thrilled with.

We do believe that all projects we are working on will definitely make “drama” closer to any of you and also be meaningful for MY COMPLEX to expand our activities towards the world. Those strong belief should be realised step by step. Yes, we are living our lives deeply. We cannot stop feeling thankful for everything happening to us.

Above all, Edinburgh Fringe. If you have any interest in MY COMPLEX’s activity, please take your spare time to drop by our crowdfunding project pages.

WeFund based in the UK (On-going)

MotionGallery based in Japan (to be launched on 4th May)

INDIEGOGO based in the US (to be launched in the mid of May)

Thank you very much as always!








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