Promotion and Funding

As metioned on the last post, we have successfully fixed the venue and completed the registration to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015.

The same time of last year… We haven’t even decided to participate, which surely led us to a huge mess until the day before of the opening day. Having learnt a lot from that situation, we are so organised this year.

On the other day, we had shooting of materials for a flyer and a poster in a beautiful studio in Tokyo.




This year, our show is about “50 minutes interview revealing the 38 years of one man’s life”, so the visual of a flyer is as it says… revealing one man = naked. 

One-hour shooting at a studio with a great view of Tokyo SKYTREE. My ex-colleague, a professional cameraman showed his skillfull talent. Having received the materials, now my buddy’s turn has come. He is now designing with those. Rough idea has already come out but we need to keep refining it to execute the biggest impact for the Fringe audiences and reviewers! We are planning to send the printed flyers and posters after the theatre approval in June at latest…


At the same time, we shot and edited the promotion film of “complex”, which is the first trial for us. This film will be shown on our show page at the Fringe official site, where you can purchase the tickets. The page will be launched on 10th April.




Also we have to announce… we need the budget to make it happen. Yes, we will launch the project on crowdfunding as last year.

Thanksfully we reached our goal last year with many kind supports. This time, our budget is really tight and minimised. If any of you are willing to support our activity, please take a look and let us ask for your kind help. 

First, we will kick off the project on “Wefund“, which is the biggest crowdfunding platform in the UK, from this Saturday, 4th April.

Wefund” has a group of Edinburgh Fringe.  On the top page, it says “The Edinburgh Festival Fringe needs no introduction…”. How amazing it is!

Followed by this, we are starting up the projects on “Indiegogo”(the US-based), “MotionGallery”(Japan-based). Please stay tuned and we do look forward to your generous supports from the world!









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