Preparations to climb the hill (English)


We have been challenging several projects since we came back from Edinburgh.


This is the workshop combining English learning and Drama.

This wonderful project was launched with the huge supports and inspirations from Mr. Dan, who is also a participant of “PLAYGO”. He was the very person who had the interest in our project in Edinburgh and our creation process. His “that’s interesting!” was the trigger.

We realised how lucky we were and also how “our” working style look to people with different careers…

Just after the Edinburgh Fringe, we did plan producing (presenting) foreign plays in English in Japan and running workshops, so the idea of “PLAYGO” was just perfect for us.

We found many Japanese had difficulties with communicating in English even though they had high scores at TOEIC. The English we learnt at school is somehow disturbing. Some people try re-learning English after work, which is quite tough in many ways…

Surely, the best way to learn English would be staying in English-speaking countries. Yet, it is very possible to increase the time with English even in Japan, which you cannot do with facing a desk.

“PLAYGO” is a workshop where you can learn English by creating a play.

Have fun first, and you find yourself in English… That is our attempt. If you have interests enough, then you can learn it quickly.

With this idea, we have kicked off this fun project since September and will create a play in English with great participants from different backgrounds till next March.

In addition, checking the grants and any kinds of programmes for artist in the world regularly, sending proposals and so on. Oh yes, the application process for the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe starts opening in some venues.

We spend our days step by step with full of energy; working on synopsis, creating promotional visuals…

Yes, our challenge is already on.