Pleasance and TPAM

Spending days to face “proposals” and “synopsis”.

We will surely participate Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year. We have already applied for the venue with our proposal and now all we can do is to wait… Unlike last year, we have already had contacts with the art director of the venue and also we’ve been gathering useful information, which does help us a lot to prepare for this great event in summer.

Now I do realise how much mean to me to present my own performnace in Edinburgh Fringe, not only to watch shows as an audience. To have my creation show there again, first, we are just longing for the positive answer from the venue and also have to think about our finance. Needless to say, above all, I have to create a piece to show…




I went to TPAM (Performing Arts Meeting) held in Yokohama every February.

I’ve know of it but it was a kind of “difficult” to join TPAM beacuse there are some issues when I ran the previous theatre company… We couldn’t participate last year because we were in Edinburgh to visit venues for the Fringe. Finally, we made it happen. Having reflected, that was the best timing to be in TPAM as MY COMPLEX, which we formed last September.

The venue was BankART1929 in Yokohama. Once I came in, I saw many people I’ve known and it was quite relaxing atmosphere. Above all, it was great for me to soak myself into the artistic space where several artists from the different countries mingled in English. We participated “Speed Networking”, which you can talk with a host in person, and sought for the opportunities to present our pieces in the world with the hosts from Spain, Belgium, Canada, Singapore and so on. It was really meaningful to talk about ourselves and to know what they seek for as a director / a producer. I could join only 1 day and missed some chances to talk with some hosts, which was a pity…

After TPAM, we had a meal with one company. Luckily, we could have intense and  interesting exchanges and share our visions and thoughts.




I again felt that I had been in sucha small world for more than 10 years. Yet, at the same time, I have to admit the experiences I gained there do help me now in many ways. That’s the way it is.

I will make various challenges and visions happen step by step.

New network, new project… I’m so ready for it.



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