playgo season 3 – English

Time does fly.

Our weekly workshop reached to the end of “Season 3”.
After we came back from Edinburgh last September, it had run for 6 months.

Colourful and joyful members made it great.
We are going to present the piece we’d worked together as a grand finale.
Performing in English in front of audience will definitely change their views and recognise how much they got.

At the same time, we are kicking off the Season 4!
We are happy to introduce the method we’ve been developing with more people.

And, the most thrilling project, our road to Edinburgh.
We are announcing the details very very soon.

Flyer shooting, designing visuals, registration, and surely refining the script…

At the 70th anniversary, conveying our remembrance of the event over 70 years ago…

Have fun, have fun, and HAVE FUN!




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