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Spending everyday with weaving a story.

Wherever we present our story, I have to face the life of a character carefully and sincerely. What we create is not the one like abstract picture or a morality entertainment. It is just a part of someone’s living life, in which there is no answer.

38 years of life are weaven into only 50 minutes. Just 50 minutes, yet 50 minutes.

I guess there are few people having written “a play” in lifetime. It is so true to say “You write a play because you like it”, but writing a play is not as easy as you may think. It takes a year at least and normally years or tens of years to weave one play. Especially so is for myself. I have often felt that in Japan there are few people who understand “a play”. I even think most of people consider “a play” as weeds being run over by car or something like that.

Having said that, I just keep weaving one man’s “story” little by little.

Please see our creation logs and thoughts shared at MotionGallery. We reached almost a half to the goal. Allow us to ask for your generous supports.

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Alongside the Edinburgh Fringe, we released our new project on the other day.

The project name is “PLAYGO”.

To sum up, “Playgo” is the English and Drama workshop. Yet we are not planning to have “a lesson” or “a lecture”, but we just would like the participants to experience the creation, which we MY COMPLEX always do. We are sure you can learn English at an English school or general English workshop. However you could not gain the language of English without revising the vocabulary and looking into a dictionary at home.

At “Playgo”, the participants will create a play all together and will play their own role in English. Playing a role surely leads you to memorise lines. Movements does go with the lines. The lines you learn at “Playgo” will be your “words”, which is memorable in your life.

I personally started learning English from the level of super-beginner, which I would say was the level of a junior high school. Still now I don’t know much about the grammar and poor vocabulary. Yet I’m totally capable to communicate with local English speakers using the English lines I memorised before and above all acting like a native. Believe or not, this “acting like a native” is quite important to use English. Talking like a native, acting like that… See, you now can see the connection with a play.

No requirement for either English or acting.

I’m sure some of you are too shy to try. I can tell those people cannot learn English even if you attend classes at a famouse language school. I would say “let’s do it”. I actually feel embarrassed in a way. However, drama has power to change the sense of embarrassment into “enjoyment”. Needless to say, for those who are good at English to some extent, why don’t you brash up your English expressions through acting?

We are fully delighted to support you on acting by Ishizone and on English by maddy.

6 months workshop to gaining English with fun. If you have any interest with “Playgo”, please visit see the following website. We are so looking forward to welcoming to our workshop.

MotionGallery “complex” page

Playgo Website