One month to go (English)

Finally… 1 month to go. Everything seems really rushy.


First, our English-Drama workshop “PLAYGO”.


On 25th June, the one in Tachikawa Cultural Factory was completed. We had spent 2 months with members challenging basic English conversations, theatre games, tongue twisters, debate, speech… As our wrap-up, we presented the short original piece with double casting.

Performing in front of the public… At the beginning, participants looked nervous but experiencing audieces and something different from the ordinary days led them to forget the sense of “shyness” on making mistakes or speaking English. Above all, members felt the importance of “communication”.

Since we started PLAYGO, we’ve faced with participants’ sheer joy after final presentations. We are planning to hold workshops after we come back from Edinburgh. We will definitely share the updates here.

We do wish all the PLAYGO members would keep enjoying English and Drama.


Also we are having the final performance with another team.

This team has been working on “Attempts on her life”, which is the great British modern piece. Quite challenging but it has been great experience to read “modern” English play. They, no we, will be great!



And… the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

We’ve been working on this project since the last summer. Many unforeseen issues happened to us but we believe we are on the right truck. Thanks to the great venue, Spotlites, we can manage to keep moving forward.

This year, we work with a local printing company in the UK, which is the first time for us. We’ve been so used to work with Japanese companies that we printed flyers and posters in Japan and shipped to the UK last 2 years. We have to adjust ourselves to a global standard. There seems to be many differences already, which is a bit overwhelming but… we will make it through.

This year, 5000 flyers and 50 posters will be shown in Edinburgh.

The biggest issues is… funding.

We ran the crowdfunding in Japanese local site. We were happy to receive many supports and reaced to the goal. Yet still we are still working on funding. Our first full-run will cost a lot but we will not give up. Just… wish we could get more public supports from Japan… This is really hard but we believe this means a lot to us.

We’ve kicked off rehearsals. Applied for some awards in the Fringe.

Ok, let’s do it!







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