Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

Now we are participating in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015.

It’s passed 10 days since we arrived here in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Although we had some troubles at the beginning, we gladly found ourselves on the very middle of our show schedule, 7 performances to the final.

Please visit our Facebook(Japanese)and Twitter(English)for our daily updates from Edinburgh!

We are so happy to have audiences everyday from various countries. It means a lot because we, MY COMPLEX, are 2 of us and have just kicked off last September. Among thousands of shows, audiences choose to come see us. What could we expect more?

We sincerely hope you enjoy our story and have interests in us.

Also reviews have started coming in and been published on the Fringe’s “complex” page.

As last year, this year’s Fringe show list of the companies based in Japan has been released on Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh.

We have to say we are unique to challenge the modern monologue play performed in English among “Theatre” shows.

Japan has, we believe, so much more than “Kimono”, “Samurai”, “Taiko”, or “Manga”…

This great event, the Fringe, has just begun! We will live every single moment here with audiences. At the same time, getting ready for “the NEXT” fringe…