A new challenge

Participated to a Workshop, which is planned for performing artist with the elementary level of English, presented by Saison foundation and British Council.

To be honest, it was hard for me to follow what the instructor talked during the session but yet I felt lucky to join this kind of opportunity. It is impossible for you living in Japan to English-nize your daily life.

Having thought of this, I again realised how much the experiences in Edinburgh and Taiwan last year mean to my English skills. At least, I could put myself in English-speaking environments, so my listening skill has been brushed up to catch up “native” speed. Surely I’m hoping to write scripts in English, which I know will take a longer time. Above all, I have to get used to English itself.

I’m brainstorming several options to have English learning opportunities focused on Performing Arts more easily and closely.


At the same time, we are working for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer.

We are recieving supportive and lucky news. Of course, I am writing a script. When I used my handmade windows, I wrote the scripts for tv drama and play scripts by Word. Then I changed to mac, the platforms I used varied from the memo app to Word for mac. Only for performing it by myself, the format does not matter but, after all, it is troublesome you have to reformat to Word when you think of submitting any pieces to the third party.

And I started using “celtx”, which I’ve been keen to.

This soft is supported only in English but there are many useful functions for creators like me such as a storyboad, shotblocker or plot and so on. Also it is fascinating you can share on time since the soft is designed for creation by team. Several foreign companies, including film-makers, animators and as such, use this soft to create their work having considered that you can also share a progress of a location shooting or wardrobe plan etc. The only thing I have to adjust myself is the way I write; there is no Japanese style (vertical) of writing in it. When I changed my laptop to Mac, I had to change my writing style to horizontal, which was really hard for me to get used to… Yet, as I’m hoping to write my script in English in the future, I have to be fine with it. I haven’t been familiar with all the functions of “celtx”, but I will finish my piece for Edinburgh this year with this soft.

Another new trial… on SNS platform.


To sum up, “medium” is a blog platform, but the basic structure is completely different from others. You write and post it, that’s it. There is no “friend”-“unfriend” thing and just present what you think or whatever you want to post. This platform hasn’t supported in Japanese, which is good for us. MY COMPLEX will release our activities details mainly via medium towards the world.


Also we have to translate our posted stories into English asap. We are having our performances not in Japan but abroad, then we should write “our stories” not in Japanese, but in English…

At the end of the day, plenty of things to do left. That is our day.







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