"Little Boy"

Direction / Script / Cast : Yuuya Ishizone

‘Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ So said my father. I am thinking of him, the truth, and a man destroying the world. What does the innocence mean? There is a story we are to share with the world now.

Day and Time: 2 - 28 August 16:00 (not 15) / Times: 50 mins / Venue: C vanue  (Venue 6)


Direction / Script / Cast : Yuuya Ishizone

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. New contemporary theatre from Japan depicts struggles anyone can experience beyond any differences. TENT portrays our complex feelings under being “an outsider” in various ways. Set in the deep mountain, getting lost leads to overnight stay in a camping tent. When words come out and bring conversations, reality starts breathing. Then one question will arise. What have you been hiding?

Day and Time: 4 - 28 August 12:30 (not 9,16,23) / Times: 50 mins / Venue: Spotlites  (Venue 278)

★★★★ "an entrancing, slightly mystifying, piece of Japanese theatre" [edfringereview.com]

★★★★ "This fascinating play is performed by a skillful actor" [edfringereview.com]

"Encouraging a belief that the show’s going to hit its stride" [BroadwayBaby]

"Yuuya Ishizone’s work is not to be dismissed." "Tent is a beguiling trip into a world where sometimes the answer is best left alone." [Liverpool Sound and Vision]

" … unsettling and disarming and make us think about presence and absence." "The potential here, the talented Ishizone" [theatre bubble]


Direction / Script / Cast : Yuuya Ishizone

One man is searching for a job. Then he finds a recruiting classified on a website. It says the interview will be held through video chat. 50 minutes interview,which reveals the 38 years of one man’s life.

Day and Time: 7 - 15 14:05 / 17 - 22 13:05 (7 Preview)  August 2015 / Times: 50 mins / Venue: theSpaceUK

"Written, directed and performed by Yuuya Ishizone, there’s no doubt his genuine commitment to exploring the modern world, along with a writerly skill in slowly peeling away the layers of one man's personal history in a way that’s understandable and intriguing… Ishizone is not one to miss out…" [Broadway Baby]

A simple setting with no fancy tricks or effects succeeded in giving us more room to explore beyond what he expressed in the play. What clever writing that was! [Audience]

My family enjoyed this performance very much. The production was not the usual comedy/musical I usually attend with my children but it did give my three teenage daughters plenty to talk about after the show. [Audience]


Direction / Script / Cast : Yuuya Ishizone

New piece from Japan. The story is about a man reflecting on life through the news. This story can be simply romance, comedy and also tragedy, which touches your feelings and delivers you some tenderness.You get bread from a bakery and fish from a fishmonger, the way human feelings are created for us through news.

Date and time: 19-25 August 2014 / Times: 45 mins / Venue: Paradise green

Yuuya Ishizone is a captivating performer: dynamic in his movements, dextrous in his facial expression. The script, which he wrote, is good, despite occasional stiltedness as a result of hearing only one side of the man’s conversation with Jennifer. I was slightly confused by the ending, but found the plot arch and character development well paced and well executed. News Junkie is a study of desperation and isolation, but it would be a great shame for it to be ignored by crowds. Go and fill their audience. [edfringe review.com]

I saw News Junkie yesterday afternoon. On the whole I found the play to be enjoyable. The story arc and character development were good and the twist at the end somewhat unexpected. The acting was good and the sole actor Yuuya Ishizone has obvious talent. His portrayal of the principle character was credible and a time dynamic. He had a few hickups with lines, but managed to get back on track quickly. A performance all the more impressive considering he does not speak very much English. The switching between news reader and telephone calls with the other character was intersting, but occasionally confusing as we can't hear what Jennifer is saying. All in all a promising production if a little flawed inplaces. [Audience]