Wishing you Holiday cheer (English)

Last story in 2015.

Our 2015 started with preparation for the performance in Tokyo just after we returned from Taiwan.

The piece used 4 different languages; English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese, without subtitles but we were happy to welcome many audiences and ended the project successfully.

That Japanese performance completed the tour which started in Taiwan in 2014.

We learnt so many precious things through experiencing the differences between Taiwan and Japan.


Then trip to New York.

The stay was quite short but saw the top level of entertainments showing on Off-Off, Off and Broadway, which just blew off the painful jetlag. It was obvious how different actors are trained. Also felt huge differences among audiences literacy and scales in many ways.

This trip made us determine to present our performance here in New York, which has really encouraged us.


After the trip, we kicked off the creation for the Edinburgh Fringe in August. With learning from the previous year’s participation, we took very cautious and thoughtful steps towards August.

We had more than double number of the audiences and were nominated to The Asian Arts Award. Needless to say, we were so fortunate to meet and exchange with theatre industries people at the world’s highest theatre showcase.


Then, from September, English-Drama workshop “PLAYGO” launched.

We successfully passed the halfway with great help and cheer from great participants.

3 months left. Time to get ready for wrap-up.

Looking back at 2015, we flew over 3 countries (4 including Japan). Compared with the time I ran my own theatre company in Japan, I spent extremely fulfilled days. Also I’ve been much more sincere and open-minded towards theatre.

Location does not matter at all. If you are serious enough, you can create your story anywhere.

I say, it would be better and better at more unfamiliar location with more unknown people. That would bring you more brand-new stimulations and joy.


What would happen in 2016?

Our schedule has already been booked until autumn and we have a lucky hunch, something unbelievable will happen…

Above all, have FUN.

And, be fully ready for it.