That is very profound (English)

Edinburgh Festival Fringe; we returned to Japan having finished 14 stages for 2 weeks, which doubled our run last year, although we faced many troubles once we arrived in.

We deeply thank you all who supported by the crowdfunding project, from Japan.

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I have to say I spent fulfilling time this year, compared with the last year when I just ran through. Having the meetings with venue directors and the representatives of the award, I was lucky enough to grab the ideas and thoughts about the structure and functions of the Fringe and the trend of “theatre” in the world.

At the same time, the issues to tackle became clear. We will spend the coming year with working on those and preparing for the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe.

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Also, there are tons of things to sort out.

Editing the movie of “complex”, creating the new story and running the workshop; PLAYGO, which will surely make us to tackle “English” and “drama” deeply.

1 year since the last participation to the Edinburgh Fringe. 1 year since we formed MY COMPLEX.

Our days have begun with new people, new challenges.