start the 3rd year (English)

It passed 3 weeks since we came back from Edinburgh.

We’ve been hectic with winding up works, editing films etc…
And, importantly, preparing for the next Edinburgh Fringe.

So many companies in the world have also set themselves for the next.

Our 1st project (let’s say “post-edfringe”) is our original workshop “PLAYGO”. This workshop was designed for English learners here in Japan. We believe our creating style interestingly connect to perfect combination of “theatre” and “English-learning”.


The new season runs for 6 months.

We are so honoured to have generous supports from “Asoblock Inc.” and “COYOTE” on operating this workshop. Really thrilled with spending coming 6 months with a variety of participants.

For this workshop, we are planning to create a short play. We will try our new style which we learnt from the Edinburgh fringe. Sounds so fun, right?

Also, we’ve received several offers.
Never know how it would go but every single project seems just GREAT.

Yes, the world is getting wider and wider for us.

Don’t rush. Step by step. One more step towards the future.





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