no sanction

“no sanction”

A girl jumped off the roof of her school.
She could not decide what to do after graduation.
Her class teacher said she did not show any sign of it.

A crying pop idol faced the press to apologise.
He forced a minor to kiss him.
He said he was too drunk to remember it.

A naked kid was found dead in a bathtub.
It appeared to have been locked in there for 5 days.
Its young parents said it was a part of upbringing.

No one judge, then I judge.
In the country of peace and wealth, I am the person of anonymity.

Direction / Script / Cast : Yuuya Ishizone

Dates & Times: Mon 6 Aug – Sat 18 Aug 11.40am  (Not on Sundays)

Times: 50 mins

Venue: Greenside Nicolson Square (No,209)