MY COMPLEX ("M""Y" COMPLEX) is a drama unit presenting the original theatrical works in the world. The stories we create are not fancy at all. You cannot expect a cathartic ending at our works, which instead your  imagination or thought is necessary to enjoy. Having said that, we would like our audiences to have the unordinary experience; "The next episode of 'the story' you watched" will begin after you walk out theatre. There is no answer on our "stories". The answers would be all in your mind.

MY COMPLEXはオリジナルの演劇作品を上演している現代演劇ユニットです。主にイギリスを拠点に活動するほか、台湾などでも4ヶ国語を使用する作品に参加、日本国内においては英語と演劇を組み合わせたワークショップを開催するなどボーダーレスな活動をしています。また、NPO法人アートネットワークジャパンが企画運営する「たちかわ創造舎」のプロジェクトパートナーとしても活動しています。

Yuuya Ishizone

playwright / director / actor


creative producer / arts educator

Yuuya Ishizone presented a wide range of original works at theatres and televisions in Japan from 1999 to 2012. With his experiences as a playwright, a director and an actor, in 2014, Yuuya made the first participation to “Edinburgh Festival Fringe”, which led him to establish “MY COMPLEX” to focus his activities in the world. In the end of 2014, Yuuya made a guest appearance and a huge success on Taiwanese theatrical company’s production, which used 4 languages (English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese). In 2016, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, his one-man play was shortlisted to the Asian Arts Award.

In 2003, maddy graduated Royal Holloway, University of London (Drama and Theatre Studies BA). After coming back to Japan, maddy joined SHIKI Theatrical Company as a secretory of the general artistic director. She also worked for many theatrical pieces including musicals as a production manager. In 2012, maddy started assisting Ishizone’ s projects abroad and have expanded her role as a production translator and a manager of MY COMPLEX.