2 weeks or so to fly to Edinburgh…

Spend days with count-down. Brushing up the “complex” script, soaking myself into English lines.

I have to say I was really lucky to receive the stars last year with my poor English pronunciation.

That is maybe because the character I played last year was an English-speaking Japanese guy living in Japan, which means I didn’t need to be that fluent.

However, this year, the man I play is a Japanese living in the UK for years. To make my character more realistic, I have to reach to the certain level pronunciation-wise.

I’m in the middle of myself longing for the departure for Edinburgh and myself turning back from Edinburgh.



*The picture above was taken at the courtyard of the venue run by the SpaceUK.

Under that kind of situation, I watched “Peter Brook: The Tightrope”. I won’t talk in details about it but I will leave it to each of you what you get from that film.  I’m just wondering why the title was translated to “The most valuable rehearsal in the world by Peter Brook” in Japanese. “The Tightrope” is totally good for this film. I would say it’s time to stop the bad habit of this country; placing an answer in front.

I’m now so curious about the background of Mr. Yoshi Oida, who’s been working with Brook for tens of years. He went abroad at the age of late 30’s, which made me identify myself with him.

Anyway, we only have a little time left…

We are so happy to see the target of our MotionGallery campaign so close.

Allow us to thank you those who have supported us.

We are still looking forward to having your generous donation.

Also, our new project “PLAYGO”. We’re sure this workshop will be exciting!


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