Little Boy

“A final scene of power and poise is worth waiting for.”
“The angelic – barefoot, with white trousers, shirt and umbrella – Ishizone’s magnetism as a performer”
[The Scotsman]
”Definite potential here for a touching, quietly horrifying meditation on love and destruction” 
[The List]
“A captivating performance”
[Young Perspective]

“Little Boy”

‘Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ So said my father. I am thinking of him, the truth, and a man destroying the world. What does the innocence mean? There is a story we are to share with the world now.

Direction / Script / Cast : Yuuya Ishizone

Day and Time: 2 – 28 August 16:00 (not 15)

Times: 50 mins

Venue: C vanue