Collaborate with… (English)

March, a month to wrap up our workshop “PLAYGO”.

We are so happy to see the participants tackle with the script under the tight schedule.

Our February was productive to join “TPAM (Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama)”, annual huge opportunities for us.

Great to catch up people in the same industry and also get to know new ones. Especially, we were absolutely lucky to have an opportunity to meet and exchange the art director from the UK. It made us so motivated to have been able to “share” something with an authority there.

We could remind ourselves of what we aim for the Edinburgh Fringe this year and confirm we have taken the right choices.

New story… Working on it. It was almost impossible for me to start writing till a venue is fixed, which brought me a last-minute struggle last year. This year will be the 3rd participation for us. We have been growing. I have already had a detailed synopsis and plot clearly and now… just converting it into live words.

Actually that is the hardest stage… Having said that, I really enjoy myself working on it. Don’t need to worry, we have time to tackle with. Yet, the clock is ticking.

Also, more new projects are coming up.

First, our regular Drama-English workshop “PLAYGO” will run for the 2nd season. Since the last September, we had great experiences with the participants challenging drama and English. We are so looking forward to welcoming new PLAYGO members to have Wow-experiences together. Hopefully, in the near future, we would like to hold some workshops abroad…

Another is… we are happy to announce we will collaborate with Tachikawa Cultural Factory (the website is available in Japanese only) as a project partner.

As the first collabolation, we will throw “PLAYGO” in Tachikawa locally. This version will be 2-months length in May and June.

We are planning various theatrical challenges with Tachikawa Cultural Factory, which is surely EXCITING.

MY COMPLEX will present ourselves in different ways to reach different places and people. We are sure any of our challenges will be fascinating and new. Please stay tuned and share our story to your surroundings.