good bye 2016 (English)

Almost ending the year of 2016.

Luckily we experienced so many.

From the beginning of 2016, our drama-English workshop “PLAYGO” has run for 2 seasons, and expanded for the business training and the short version with Tachikawa Cultural Factory.

In summer, we went to Edinburgh. Our 3rd time in the Edinburgh Fringe,we challenged the full run for the first time, and YES, we received the 4-star reviews!

We’re sure we achieved something this year, which has really encouraged us to re-challenge in the anniversary year, 2017.

After the fringe, we kicked off our workshop “PLAYGO” for the 3rd season.
With wonderful participants, we have been having exceptional time with them every week. We spent 3 months with new themes and our original short play.

Surely, our project for the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 has been on progress.
Developing the synopsis, negotiating with venues, and so on…

We now have set the project for our 4th participation to the fringe.
The story will start breathing very soon.

Also, “PLAYGO” will step into the new area, which thrills us so much.


Yes, something passionate and creative will fill out our 2017… Can’t wait to share with you and people in the world.

For now… Good bye 2016, and Hello 2017.






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